I recommend 3D 11012nd location: 100: 1, 3, 9 / ten: 0, 2, 6 / A: 1, 4, 7

Tianya Fucai 3D 2011012nd nike free runs for cheap forecast analysis is as follows:

Size analysis: period continue to open two big one small combination, half off nikes this period attention trumpet warming up to fill, recommend two big or small combination

Odd-even analysis: go up period piece two parity combination, this period continue to pay close attention nike free pink to even bounce free runs back, pay close attention to two a singularly or lime green free runs in the dual combination

Localization of Bao Xing: free runs cheap 1 * *, 4 *, 7 * *

2011011st stage Fucai 3D numbers: 635, span 3, nike free run womens discount size ratio of 2: 1, all black nike free run 2 2: 1, and parity is worth 14 points.

And value analysis: go up period piece 14, this period continue to pay close attention to and value the cooling cheap nike free trend, this period attention: 7-12 point range

Featured 10 note: 019, 037, 049, nike free 3.0 v4 123, 146, 167, 169, 234, 367, 679

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